'Terrifying!' CNN Contributor, Other Liberals Melt Down Over Trump and Conan the Hero Dog

Conan the Dog as tweeted by President Trump


The left doesn’t seem to be able to lay down the Trump Derangement Syndrome for even a minute.

On Monday at the White House, President Donald Trump honored Conan the hero Special Forces dog who helped take down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi during a raid.


One would think that’s a non-controversial event that should bring everyone together, celebrating the hero dog and the successful killing of one of America’s most wanted enemies.

But apparently not for some.

Here’s Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle.

Wait, what? Is he serious? You’re attacking the hero dog? Baghdadi blew up his own children with the explosive vest. The dog helped save the lives of other members of the Special Forces and get the terrorist leader.

Then here’s the Washington Post’s take on the event:

Pretty much.

Um, WaPo? It’s about the dog. So what if Trump gets attention? He ordered the raid. The event deserves attention, again, unless you have TDS.

Finally, there was Joan Walsh, a CNN political contributor and author of “What’s the Matter With White People.”


Her take was pretty bad. She found the event “terrifying.” Huh?

First, Conan is not a cuddly pet, he’s trained to take out terrorists. Yes, Trump was joking about the dog being dangerous to journalists, but there’s a measure of truth to the fact that you don’t treat a dog like Conan like a fluffy toy, hence the handler being there. Second, Melania wasn’t “cold” to the dog, she was moving out of the way to provide space so that Vice President Mike Pence, Conan, and the handler could fit in between her and the president for the shots by the media.


Guess all they’re left with is hot takes, given how impeachment has blown up on them.


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