More Video Of Justin Trudeau And This Is The Worst Yet

Last week, pictures and video of Justin Trudeau in blackface blew up and threatened his campaign for re-election.

There were multiple incidents. One was where he was dressed as Aladdin and made up in blackface at an “Arabian Nights” party at the private high school at which he was teaching. He reportedly was the only one to wear a costume and his face and his hands were blacked up. He was a 29 years old. The second incident was a picture from high school were he appeared in a show singing “The Banana Boat” song. He wore blackface and an afro.


The last incident was a video that Global News Canada found. But their copy was grainy and difficult to see in detail. Now another Canadian outlet, The Post Millennial, has posted a higher quality version of the video.

Here it is:

He’s wearing an afro and appears to, again, have dyed multiple parts of his body, from his legs and arms to his tongue. He also ripped up his jeans and appears to have enhanced his crotch area.

Yikes. Can it get much worse?


But he seems resolved to weather it out, employing that well-known “if a liberal does it, it’s cool” exception.


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