WHAT? A UNION is sticking up for DONALD TRUMP now?

Unions hate most Republicans. Because Republican believe in free people and free markets, empowering individuals to make decisions that are best for their own families, unions tend to have a freak out. Unions depend on devaluing the individual and engaging in Marxist collectivist warfare.

So why are Unions sticking up for Donald Trump now?

Look at this mailer that’s going out to Republicans in northern Virginia, where Barbara Comstock is running for re-election as one of the few elected Republicans in the greater Washington area:


The mailer criticizes Comstock for refusing to back Trump, and was sent by A Fair & Just PAC. That PAC has a single listed expenditure, spending $10700 against Barbara Comstock.

Comstock is hated by the unions. In particular, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689, which represents many employees of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), which runs the DC Subway system. They’ve been gunning for her for months, desperately trying to defeat her.

And it turns out this Indigo Strategies that is working with A Fair & Just PAC is a far-left outfit that works with unions heavily. These people do not support Donald Trump, but between Trump and NeverTrump conservatives, they side with Trump.

Donald Trump has been so anti-Republican this cycle, his name is now being invoked to depress Republican turnout, trying to defeat Congressional Republicans.


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