Denver train to the airport opens as public-private partnership success

It just got even easier to get to the 2016 Redstate Gathering, the must-attend event of the summer.

Denver’s light and commuter rail system just opened an extension from downtown to the airport. Running 22 hours a day, it gets you right downtown, making it easy to get to the Grand Hyatt from there. If you don’t like to deal with the hit-or-miss nature of shady or inept cab drivers, it’s a convenient option for travelers.

That’s why they’re building that train in Denver, host city of the 2016 Redstate Gathering. But it only works as a draw for business if it works! So instead of purely building it as some government benefits program, businesses that see opportunity for it to be successful are stepping up, and putting themselves on the line.

While your usual government transit program risks devolving into a jobs program, funneling money into the local unions, by putting the construction in the hands of businesses, they actually need to build things that work.

The more we can shift these projects away from government, the easier it’ll be to press a common sense agenda future projects. Businesses profit from these transit lines. Land developers adore them. So the more we can show that these things work better when run like a business than like a government program, maybe we can fund them that way, too!

So what better way to come to Denver to hear conservatives like Ken Buck, who is confirmed as a speaker, than by a brand new train that shows how the private sector does it better than government?

I know that’s how I’ll get from the airport to the 2016 Redstate Gathering. No doubt about it.

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