Greg Abbott fights back for homeschoolers against union school bias

The educational establishment in this country is greatly biased against parents who want options. Kids who are sent to unionized government schools are presumed to be safe and to be getting a good education, but kids who go to church schools or (gasp) get homeschooled have to jump through extra hoops.

Governor Greg Abbott is fighting back in Texas though. He’s appointed a homeschooling parent to head the Texas Board of Education, and boy is the establishment mad.

Greg Abbott

The Washington Post seems to think this is a problem:

Abbott tapped Donna Bahorich, a Republican from Houston who has been on the board for two years and who home-schooled her three sons before sending them to private schools. They never went to Texas public schools.

So much so WaPo goes out of its way to find hostile sources. First they quote Texas Public Radio coverage, and then they quote the Texas Freedom Network. That sounds like a conservative group, right? Nope. It was founded by Cecile Richards, of Planned Parenthood fame.

So that’s who’s mad at Greg Abbott. The NPR-listening, Planned Parenthood-loving left-wing fringe whose Abortion Barbie got wafflecrushed in the election. Well, elections have consequences, and one of them is going to be greater power for parents over the educations of their children.

More of this, please.

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