Tech at Night: In which the US Government sounds uncomfortably like a foreign dictatorship

Tech at Night

If we look around the world, we see the enemies of freedom on the march, taking steps to control, to coordinate, to lie, and to destroy.

The problem comes when our own government gets into the act, and starts down the path of what all those other countries are doing.


In China, the Communists have an active, paid campaign of misinformation.

China and Russia, the two countries Edward Snowden collaborated with against America, are also working together online.

Hungary is taxing the Internet, and as we remember, the power to tax is the power to destroy.

Germany is attacking the free flow of the Internet by insisting information be kept on servers in Germany.

China is also monitoring the Internet for what it deems misinformation. Oh did I say China? I meant the Obama administration. Ajit Pai is right to call this out, as are Congressional Republicans. Ajit Pai is the man.


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