Tech at Night: Net Neutrality update

Tech at Night

The fact that the Net Neutrality and “Title II Reclassification” debates are being driven by myths and falsehoods seems to be getting out.

Which is why we now see them getting more desperate.


The radicals are getting desperate so they’re now really starting to collaborate with the FCC in a way that is unusual and probably inappropriate.

FCC is just another ideological group under Barack Obama and the Democrats, under constant pressure to make power grabs.

How dumb do you have to be to sue Google because your own bad passwords exposed your nude photos?

Heh, Pandora attracted too much attention to itself I guess, lobbying for special privileges under the law. Now they’re being targeted for freeloading by using old recordings without paying for them, in the same way Sirius was, before losing a lawsuit. I don’t get why copyright law shouldn’t apply to all radio.

Here’s a weird story: a student accused of posting ‘inappropriate photos of a teacher. I have a feeling it’s a bit worse than it’s being made out to be here, a little more than just mean words.

I’m thankful that Tor is not a silver bullet for anonymity.


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