Tech at Night: They want to try again on Net Neutrality.

Tech at Night

So the FCC is meeting soon, and that’s probably going to produce some news. Some of us are hoping for the best under the new FCC Chairman, but he may yet be a radical extremist who will try yet again on Net Neutrality, after the FCC has lost twice in court when attempting that power grab.


It’s good to see the administration openly talking about Snowden having accomplices, and probably meaning the Glenns Greenwald.

Mt. Gox, the Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange that became a Bitcoin hub, may yet be a scam. Bitcoin and crime, Bitcoin and crime.

If people actually cared about privacy they wouldn’t ask their friends to give information to Facebook. But they don’t care about privacy. They just like to say they do. It’s fashionable, like saying you voted.

Wearing a computer on your face while driving isn’t less of a distraction than a phone, I don’t think. Some state legislators agree. I’ve worn Google Glass on my face. It’s not like some safe HUD showing important stats. You can play a movie on it. It’s not the pure utility some pretend it is. Just use voice activation on a phone.


The FCC really should only have one job, to get us more wireless spectrum for data. Wizard needs spectrum badly. (Classical reference, to borrow a line from Moe Lane).

Hang on to your wallet, House Judiciary Democrats are on the move. Now, I’m pro-copyright, but the last time Judiciary made a move on this stuff, we ended up with a very bad bill in SOPA. And remember, it was Harry Reid the Democrat Senate that kept the Senate companion PROTECT IP long after House Republicans listened to use and killed SOPA.


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