Tech at Night: 4chan at it again. A little known but important CDA provision under attack?

Tech at Night

Christopher Poole’s gang is at it again, as 4chan is attacking the family of another dead teenager. I guess ‘moot’ is amoral and doesn’t care where his money comes from. If he cared he’d have kicked these sorts of people off of his site by now, instead of giving them their own sandboxes to play with.


Time Warner and CBS come to an agreement. Remember: it’s government regulations that already existed that put Time Warner in a spot here, where they had to push hard to resist a sudden doubling of price by CBS. More regulations are not the answer here.

As much as the Communications Decency Act is known for the unconstitutional parts of it that are no longer enforced, it apparently had some supremacy clause stuff to prevent the states from regulating content, a part of the law now under attack.

The NSA is not just a passive listening agency. It’s their job to defend and to attack. They’re building the tools in hostile parts of the world, and they’d definitely have a role in modern warfare. But let’s not kid ourselves: it’s their job to listen to foreigners, and Obama is lying through his teeth because that is what must be said diplomatically.


Which is why Barack Obama is unlikely to grant Bradley Manning his pardon. We can’t have sensitive information put out there, if we want to have functioning diplomacy.

Can a product of service be so insecure with your data that FTC can intervene? FTC thought so with respect to home security cameras.

Of course they’re right in their advice, but TechFreedom’s hopes for Mignon Clyburn are optimistic here, I think.


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