Tech at Night: Our Broken Patent System. Connecting the dots on pro-regulatory hypocrisy.

Tech at Night

Hey Mark Cuban: We both know that when Obama signed the American Invents Act, crushing small businesses was a feature, since it meant a) more work for lawyers who backed the bill and b) easier competition for the big businesses who backed the bill.


I see the vultures using Aaron Swartz’s dead body for political purposes are now going full Weekend at Bernie’s on this. It’s amazing.

And yet nobody reconciles the Democrat outrage at this, with Democrat plans to ignore the Constitution and use Executive Orders on cybersecurity. If we allow stuff like what Swartz did, we’re letting cybersecurity threats go unpunished, sorry.

Spectrum is important, folks, and government is the biggest impediment today to having enough of it for our growing wireless needs.

So, I promised dot connecting. So let’s do some dot connecting. I asked recently why Susan Crawford was doing so much trolling lately. Well, it turns out she’s hawking a book. Ari Rabin-Havt thinks there is fear of her though, allegedly from the telecoms she wants to impose massive regulations on. Apparently donations make criticisms illegitimate.

So let’s connect those dots. How about Media Matters, the organization he’s the Executive Vice President of? “Media Matters is a non-profit that doesn’t typically offer a comprehensive list of its donors, and hasn’t given any indication that it’s going to do so going forward,” says Politico. We only know Soros and the Ford Foundation are among their funders because they’ve said so themselves. Should he and MMFA be discredited in all their criticisms?


That’s not the only funded organization he’s at, either. He’s the CEO of The American Independent, a group funded by, among others, Working Assets. Working Assets actually owns CREDO Mobile, a wireless telecom itself, as one of its subsidiaries. Note also at least two anonymous foundations are on American Independent’s list. Funny that.

Makes you wonder whether Rabin-Havt is just projecting.


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