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Net Neutrality (which Mike Wendy calls a “Private Property Slap-Down”) may not be any longer the top issue on the Obama administration’s side of things, but questions still remain. And the funny thing: all the Net Neutrality advocates in the world working in the White House were no big deal. But all of a sudden it’s a concern that a former AT&T President going to the White House is a problem.


But yes, the FCC wants to change the subject. Now suddenly the press is to open up more bandwidth for wireless Internet access. Funny, I was assured during the Net Neut debate that wireless access didn’t effectively exist. Now the FCC wants to expand it. More spectrum isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we do have to watch how it is acquired.

The last time we had a big spectrum shift, it ended in a massive Digital TV subsidy boondoggle. We’d hate to have that kind of problem again.

Of course, the left would never want to leave well enough alone by expanding the possibilities. Apparently we need more regulation of wireless providers. Here’s the problem: if wireless companies can’t charge people full and fair prices for over use, the only sensible alternative is going to be to cut off service. That is going to be a bigger shock to people than any oversized bill.

Another thing the Obama administration is trying to stop talking about is high energy science. After years of Republicans being accused of hating science for failing to fund “basic research,” Democrats are making the same failure by ending the funding of the Tevatron device at Fermilab. Funny, that.


Poor Google. You can add South Korea to the list of countries investigating the WiSpy Street View scandal.

And one final but important note: Clipper is back, only instead of a mere key escrow system, government wants to track you online through the creation of an “identity ecosystem.” I’m no fan of anonymity online, but the idea that we’d give government enough power to do something about it is absurd and honestly scary.


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