Is Ted Cruz beating Trump at the Delegate Allocation Game in Arizona, Too?


If this Examiner report is correct, the Donald Trump campaign may soon have another petulant, yet ultimately unjustified, grievance against Ted Cruz.  Allegedly, the Cruz campaign has gone into Arizona delegate elections to ensure that the people who are elected to be delegates are… well, not-Trump supporters.  They’d prefer Ted Cruz supporters, of course – but, really, anybody who won’t vote for Trump on a second ballot will do. Also: the local elections that will eventually determine the final delegate lists are happening now, so it’s a little late for counter-measures.


The practical result?  Trump walks into the convention with all 58 delegates from Arizona, and is guaranteed their support on the first ballot. On the second one?  …Well, we’ll find out what the revised estimate on what that total will be on April 30th.  This, of course, will predictably result in screams of ‘stolen’ delegates and whatnot.  To which the only proper response is: much like cricket, there are actually rules to this game. It really is not just being made up as people go along.  It’s not Ted Cruz’s fault if nobody else left in the Republican race really seems to understand that.

(H/T: @TPCarney)

Moe Lane


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