Tonight's running Republican delegate count.

Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich

Delegate count courtesy of the Green Papers.  As of 12:20 tonight, so the numbers may change.

  • Hawaii (19 delegates): (Probably Trump 9, Cruz around 5)
  • Idaho (32 delegates): Cruz 20, Trump 12. +8 Cruz over Trump.
  • Michigan (59 delegates): Trump 25, Cruz 17, Kasich 17.  +8 Trump over Cruz, +8 Trump over Kasich.
  • Mississippi (40 delegates): Trump 25, Cruz 15. +10 Trump over Cruz.

So, right now Donald Trump is having a good night, as he has increased his lead over Ted Cruz by 10 delegates, and by 53  over John Kasich, and by 62 over Marco Rubio. Hawaii won’t make much difference on the delegate front for Kasich or Rubio, but it might be good news for Ted Cruz.  Of course, both Kasich and Rubio kind of need to win Hawaii generally to salvage something from this evening. [UPDATE: I’m not staying up to see the exact total, but it looks like Trump will win and get about half. I’ll update in the morning.]



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