Anthony Weiner documentary airs among Clinton suppression controversy.


The director of the Anthony Weiner documentary focusing on Weiner’s ill-fated 2013 NYC mayoral run took the time today to insist that of course Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t try to pressure him. Specifically, the director insists that the Clinton campaign did not try to get footage involving Weiner’s wife (and Hillary Clinton’s aide) Huma Abedin scrubbed from the campaign. And that rumor that there’s footage of the  Clinton campaign trying to get Abedin to choose Hillary over her husband, politically speaking?  A total, absolute fabrication.


…Such oddly precise denials, yes?

You may be forgiven if you’re as cynical about these denials as I am, of course.  After all, it’s Hillary Clinton… well, maybe that’s actually a little unkind.  Even a normal politician might feel a little uneasy about the fact that her right-hand woman was married to a disgraced former politician who keeps insisting on going online and showing people his genitals. Because, let’s be honest: that’s pretty embarrassing, even for the DC/NYC political scene. Worse, people will insist on keeping the story alive.  Still, it’s the Hillary Clinton campaign, so I would not be even remotely surprised if somebody from it had just the right mix of arrogance and stupidity to get filmed demanding that a documentary crew alter its documentary for political reasons.  This is, as they put it, how the Hillary Clinton do.

As to the documentary itself… I’ll be honest and admit that watching it would probably make me feel almost bad for Anthony Weiner. I’m a sentimentalist that way, and there’s something pathetic in watching a man who doesn’t realize yet that he’s politically dead and rotting try to run for office. And it’s not like I can really do anything to the guy, either.  According to the CNN article, the documentary will show Weiner in the last days of the campaign reduced to dodging a – well, it’s hard to really describe what Sydney Leathers does for a living; it’s very, ah, interdisciplinary – right up to the primary’s election night.  And if you’re more highbrow, there’s this:


That was from the original Weiner meltdown in 2011, and there’s nothing that I could possibly do to Anthony Weiner that Andrew Breitbart, bless his memory, didn’t do better and more comprehensively there. A man’s got to know his limitations, and I always attempt to know mine. Heck, Andrew wasn’t even trying, either.


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