PA Democrat with links to former Gov. Ed Rendell one of the four indicted on corruption charges.

People may want to keep track of the Chaka Fattah corruption story, because this is a really interesting tidbit: “One of four people indicted with U.S. [mc_name name=’Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’F000043′ ] is known to Democrats statewide and politicians at the state Capitol: Herbert Vederman was a major contributor and fundraiser for former Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell.”  Most of the Pennsylvania Democrats involved in scandals of this type – and there are a large number of Pennsylvania Democrats that get involved in scandals; I’d say that there’s something in the water, except that I don’t want to listen to people start ranting about fracking – are generally limited in the scope of their chicanery. But somebody with ties to Eddie Rendell?  …Well, that’s a different story.


Not that anybody’s ever been able to pin anything on Gov. Rendell and make it stick.  Still, it’s odd: you would think that a popular two-term former governor of Pennsylvania would have seamlessly transitioned from his term-limited time in office to a nice Cabinet seat, or maybe a Senate bid – or, honestly, a Presidential one. On paper he’d be a great choice, particularly since Hillary Clinton is simply horrible at running for office. And yet, he’s done nothing of the sort. Either Ed Rendell is remarkably lacking in ambition for a politician, or there’s some really good dirt on the fellow. I suppose that it would be unkind to assume the latter.

Still. Herbert Vederman himself is not yet cooperating with the authorities:

Vederman’s attorney, Catherine M. Recker, said he will plead not guilty.

“The government has cherry-picked facts to support its cynical view of friendship and wrongly labeled it bribery,” she said.

…and I give his attorney full points for chutzpah. But I do wonder if Vederman knows any stories.  There seems to always be just one more, and usually starring the Pennsylvania Democratic party.


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