OK, this made me laugh.

Where is #EdStone? The monumental question facing Labour after Miliband’s departure

Ed Miliband’s much maligned pledge stone remains shrouded in mystery and its whereabouts unknown

Just in case you thought that America had a monopoly on Stupid Political Tricks… the pledge stone was this tablet of stone with a bunch of utterly forgettable Labour slogans inscribed on it. They were gonna put in… the Prime Minister’s garden, I guess… once Labour won; only, Labour lost. And by ‘lost’ I mean ‘the Tories won a majority, and the SNP is now wearing Labour’s intestines as a hat.’ And nobody knows where the Stone is. The British are quite keen to find out, mind you: there are awkward questions ahead about whether the stone was made out of proper British stone, whether it was stone at all, who did the lettering, who approved this daft notion and are they getting competent medical attention, that sort of thing. But that’s not the important thing. No, the important thing is that, once again, Spinal Tap knew what the heck it was talking about:

I don’t know how they keep doing it.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yeah, the SNP probably has it. No doubt they’ll be using it to replace the Stone of Scone in some dark Scottish devolution ritual. …What? Americans know some foreign customs. When it suits us to do so.