...Was it the intent of Team Hillary to make her logo look like a sexual act?

I am going to score this new logo from Hillary Clinton* as being a rather significant design FAIL. Normally, I would not presume to do so; but normally I’m not given this kind of provocation. Good luck not seeing this now, sorry: and I apologize in advance for the, er, adult content of this observation. Consider yourself warned to stop reading now if you’re squeamish about this sort of thing:


Yeah. The problem here is that the two horizontal white lines on the left do not extend all the way across to the right. I get why they didn’t do it that way, yes – it would have broken up the arrow shape – but the unfortunate result is that the green and yellow long piece now looks like a (rather painful-looking) male sexual organ and the red/orange and blue/purple blocks on the left now look like, well, testicles.  I will leave what …dear God in Heaven, why? WHY? …Hillary’s Rainbow Clenis logo is actually penetrating as an exercise for the reader, mostly because I want to get drunk now and make the horrible images in my head go away.

I am sorry.  I am so very, very sorry.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Trust me, I was embarrassed to write it. But once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it.

*No, I did not make it up.