#protip for Sen. Mark Udall (D, Colorado): if you're gonna brag that your dad ran for President...

…as you did here:


It’s then OK for your opponent (Cory Gardner) to also bring up that your dad ran for President.


(The Mark Udall campaign has gone absolutely INSANE over this ad, by the way. It’s remarkable, how much so.)

It’s a real shame that being pegged as a member of a political dynasty can have a negative effect on voters in a republic, but surely the Democrats knew that going in. It’s a bit unseemly to whine about it now; not to mention, something that a ‘real nice guy’ wouldn’t in fact do…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: People who were around in 2006 might be feeling a little reverse-mirror deja vu: back then Republican incumbents were the ones trying to wiggle out from under the rapidly-descending Electoral Anvils Of Maximum Fun, and some of them were indeed as desperate as Senator Udall-Gamma, here. Or is he Udall-Beta or Alpha (I don’t know how to rank a Senator descended from the female line in the local dynastic system). Or, wait, should it be Senator Udall-Gamma-Secundus? …Assuming that Mo Udall was Rep. Udall-Alpha-Prime.


Seriously, my ancestors came to this country to get away from this sort of thing. …And then promptly started voting for Kennedys, so I can’t be too smug about it.

PPS: It’s fascinating, by the way, that apparently a Republican can’t even call a Democrat a nice guy without having the Democrat respond by shrieking like a four year old who has been denied a cookie. And the Democrats wonder why they can’t have nice things…


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