Barack Obama opines on border crisis... nowhere near where the border crisis actually is.

Not that the news will mention that:



Let me give you some perspective. Eyeballing a map of Texas, the closest border from Austin looks to be Del Rio. That’s reasonable, sure?


And if I am reading this story right, there’s even a refugee facility in Del Rio: so it’s a relevant town for this discussion.  Now, how far is it from Austin to Del Rio?  Well, ask this site and you get 232 miles:


So, let me you give some perspective on that: from Washington, DC to New York City, NY is 225 miles.


So… imagine, for a moment, that Barack Obama had made a speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial – while on his way to a campaign function – about the effects of Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island.  And let us then say that the media had acted as if he had actually physically gone up to NYC to be involved with the situation.  How absurd would the media look right now?

Yes.  Precisely this absurd.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: You know, if the Democrats wanted an elected king so badly, you’d think that they would have had the essential courtesy to anoint a candidate that actually enjoyed meeting with the commoners.



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