The real question is, are Democratic politicians done with Barack Obama?

I don’t often do this, but I feel that this Hill article about how much Barack Obama hates Washington, wants to leave it, and doesn’t like hanging out with all the other Democrats is missing a couple of key paragraphs at the end.  I intend to now provide them.


Barack Obama’s detachment from, and disdain of, Washington DC reportedly concerns many Democrats, particularly those running for re-election this year.  While the President continues to raise funds for the Democratic party, it is unclear how much campaigning he plans to do for at-risk candidates – or, indeed, how much campaigning those candidates want him to do.  As former Democrat (and current online Republican contributor to a major conservative website) remarked, “Going into 2010 Barry’s best assurance to candidates was that they had him in their corner.  So they [Democratic Members of Congress] trusted him.  And they got clubbed like baby harp seals for it.  Now the President’s best assurance will be, what? That he’ll stay holed up in Washington?”

Polling suggests that this may be a smart strategy.  Today’s RCP average shows that President Obama has a favorable/unfavorable rating of 42/54.  By comparison, former President George W. Bush’s comparable daily numbers in 2006 were 38/57: while President Obama enjoys a slightly higher amount of regard, many question whether his presence on the campaign trail in battleground states would be more welcomed by Democrats, or Republicans.  This may add some poignancy to the President’s choice to stay out of the limelight: it may be the best chance the Democratic party has to retain control of the Senate.


…or something like that.

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