The Democratic party's devolution on the values of military service.

Remember how, from 2001 to 2006 or so, the Democrats kept screaming about “chickenhawking?” – Oh, yes, the Left has been re-purposing homophobic slurs for some time: they used that term to attack anybody who supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but did not actually serve. It went nowhere, of course: your average anti-war type not only does not understand the concepts of ‘democracy’ and ‘America;’ he can’t actually spell them* – but it was nonetheless a phenomenon. To the point where John Kerry spent the 2004 election apparently answering every question with a reminder that, hey, he served in Vietnam. Crazy, I know, but that was the thing then.


And what’s the thing now? Declaring that war veterans are out of touch with America and shouldn’t run for office.


Via Hot Air, and I have to say: it takes a certain amount of brass for Mark Pryor and Mark Begich – two guys who only got elected because their daddies were important – to lecture anybody about life experiences. And I would say that even if they were lecturing two civilians, let alone military service veterans. There’s more to being in Congress than your last name.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Apparently the antiwar Left keeps thinking that there’s a “K” in “America:” I assume that the problem bleeds into their spelling generally.


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