Domenic Recchia (D-CAND, New York-11) was ready to literally CROWN @barackobama in 2009.

Never say anything in 2009 that you’re going to regret in 2014.


Particularly if you plan to run in a R+4 district in that year. Domenic Recchia was presumably a bit stoked from having a member of his party become President (from context, it looks like this was in January of 2009), but that’s no real excuse to say politically illiterate stuff like this:


“Now let the future begin, of the Barack Obama dynasty. Because that’s what it’s about to become. The dynasty of Barack Obama.”

…Oh, dear Lord in Heaven, but the things that are wrong with that statement.

First off, and most importantly: this is a democratic republic, Mister Recchia, not a monarchy*. A lot of people died to make it and keep it that way. Second: …”dynasty?” That word. I do not think it means what he thinks it means. Or was Recchia implying that our nascent bad habit of always drawing our Presidents from the same few families was going to continue? – Because there are a lot of people out there who think that this tendency needs to be stamped on, hard.

And lastly: man, did Domenic Recchia pick the wrong horse in 2009 or what, huh? Who here is willing to bet that Recchia wants Barack Obama to campaign for him in 2014? Anyone? Anyone? – Yeah, me neither.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Rep. Michael Grimm is, of course, the expected Republican candidate in that district, and the expectation is that the DCCC will be drawn to that race like a moth to the flame. You know what happens to the moth in those scenarios, right?


*We will now pause while people frantically look for an example of a Republican using the word ‘dynasty.’ The problem there is: people just trust my party more when it comes to who takes the traditions of the Republic seriously. You just never quite know if any given Democratic politician might embrace monarchism for real, if pushed. And if the monarch was a Democrat, of course.


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