Gov. John Hickenlooper (D, Colorado) pretends his job-killing 2013 policies... never happened.

Well now.

Governor John Hickenlooper played fast and loose with jobs numbers during his State of the State address today. In one of the key sound bites of his speech, so critical that he also tweeted it out, Hickenlooper touted that Colorado had gone from being 40th in the country for job growth in 2010, to 4th now.

Hickenlooper must want to forget everything about 2013 (why didn’t he tout any of his big accomplishments from 2013?) because Colorado was 4th in the country for job growth in 2012. But for 2013 (you know that entire year Democrats spent passing the most liberal, progressive agenda in Colorado legislative history), instead of looking to make Colorado’s economy stronger, the state has now dropped down to 10th.


I imagine that many, many Democrats would like to pretend that 2013 never happened, particularly those parts where the signature policy initiative (Obamacare) of the Democratic party fell over on the launch pad, exploded, and took out a convention of kittens. Alas, while you are always entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts. 2013 happened. Deal with it, Hickenlooper.

Or not, if he’d rather. It’d certainly make the Colorado Republican party’s job a lot easier if Gov. Hickenlooper continued to hide in a corner in a fetal position…


Moe Lane (crosspost)


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