Democratic Colorado senator Evie Hudak to rape survivor: "Statistics are not on your side."

Quick background here: essentially, Colorado Democrats have decided to respond to recent criminal mass murders by legislating bans on high-capacity magazines, banning concealed carry, taxing legitimate gun purchases, and requiring background checks before private transferal of firearms. And, oh, yes, Colorado Democrats also want to make gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with those guns, but that’s scheduled for later… what’s that? How would any of this stop a crazy lunatic from mass murder? Oh, that’s easy: it won’t. But it will make a bunch of legislators with Ds after their names to feel a little less scared at night, which is apparently more important.


Anyway, I will give Democratic state Senator Evie Hudak this much: she at least had sufficient lingering human empathy to not want to make too much eye contact when she uncomfortably denigrated the testimony and feelings of a rape survivor who DARED insist that concealed carry might have stopped her rape.


I’m not giving Hudak very much slack at all, mind you: that was pretty filthy stuff that the state senator said. But, you know: the old white men who run the Colorado Democratic party have spoken, and it’s the job of women like Senator Hudak to hold down the fort. Or shoulders.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Rough transcript from Colorado Peak Politics:

“I just want to say that, actually statistics are not on your side even if you had had a gun. You said that you were a marshal arts student, I mean person, experienced in tae kwan do, and yet because this individual was so large, he was able to overcome you, even with your skills[*]. And, chances are that if you would have had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you….”

…and the response, which I found remarkably measured and even-toned, considering the provocation.

“Respectfully Senator, you weren’t there. You’re right, my parents equipped me to ensure that I would not be an easy victim and not be an easy target, they did everything they could to reduce the risk of me being raped. And, that’s all it did. It reduced the risk, it did not guarantee that. Furthermore, if I had been carrying concealed, he would have known I was carrying my weapon. And, I was there. I know without a doubt in my mind, at some point, I would have been able to stop my attack by using my firearm. He already had a weapon of his own, he didn’t need mine.”


*This is apparently a theme beloved of Colorado Democrats.


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