Barack Obama's oh-so-diverse 'Senior Advisors.'

Wow, but that’s a lot of white guys. Please note that the picture below is from the White House’s own official Flickr account, which means that not only is calling them ‘senior advisors’ fair (I’m quoting the White House, after all); it indicates that nobody in that shop saw that picture and said Wow, but that’s a lot of white guys.



I know that it may be somewhat surreal that somebody from the party that aspires to be truly color-blind is noting that the folks from the party that makes a fetish out of ‘diversity’ is in fact kind of top-heavy with white guys, but come on. This is just embarrassing. The Democrats can’t find five, six women with sufficient knowledge of our current fiscal situation to advise the President? – Or, worse, did they, and the President just can’t find some way to work with them? After all, as both Instapundit and the Washington Free Beacon note, this too-candid shot of the President’s ‘senior advisors’ is perfectly compatible with an organizational atmosphere where women are hired less often, and paid less money.

But then, economic equality is not exactly the hallmark of the Left’s application of feminist thought. It is… interesting, the way that the Democratic party’s policies towards ‘helping’ women seems to be almost obsessively defined in terms of female genitalia…
Moe Lane (crosspost)



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