Susan Estrich's barren complaints about Obama's future tax hike plans.

If she was a guy, I’d be calling said complaints “impotent.”

[snip of all the reasons why Susan Estrich reflexively – and, alas, stereotypically – voted for Barack Obama]

I did not vote for Obama because I think I am paying too little in taxes.


While I think that it’s adorable that Susan Estrich thinks that Barack Obama cares about why anybody did or did not vote for him, it’s also pretty much irrelevant. What’s got her guts in an uproar is apparently rumors that the President wants to cap charitable deductions and lower the mortgage interest deduction… coupled with the sudden and unwelcome realization that Republicans are maybe going to smile nastily and let Obama do just that…

What’s that? Why is that a possibility? Oh, well, the reason why is because a hard cap on charitable deductions will bite deep into the willingness of rich liberals to fund nonprofits, including ones that are frankly front groups for Leftist advocacy organizations; and lowering the mortgage interest deduction will have the same effect on Blue State residents as would, say, a sledgehammer between the eyes would to a cow. Shared sacrifice, baby.


…anyway, Susan’s ox got gored, apparently; and now the woman wants to suddenly talk about bipartisan solutions. Amazing how conservative people get when it’s suddenly personal, huh? Not that it matters: Susan Estrich’s use to Obama disappeared the second the polls closed, and thanks to the 22nd Amendment he’ll never ever have to care about her again…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: You should have seen the first draft of this. It probably would have gotten me punched.


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