Why Barack Obama will not fire Hillary Clinton.

The argument that Barack Obama should fire Hillary Clinton comes to us today from Jeremy Lott (via Instapundit) who is essentially noting that American foreign policy went into the manure pile this week and today may be the worst day of all (so far, things could be worse, but ‘tense’ is the best adjective to use).  Jeremy is taking the ‘command takes responsibility’ position; and while he recognizes (just like everybody else*) that this failure to anticipate events on the ground is ultimately the responsibility of the Commander in Chief  there’s plenty of blame to spare for the Secretary of State.  To put it bluntly, and to use Jeremy’s example: George W Bush had Donald Rumsfeld symbolically resign over a mere flipping of Congress.  Surely Hillary Clinton should resign for letting an Ambassador get murdered in cold blood.


But there’s a difference between ‘should’ and ‘will.’  Let us not mince words: Hillary Clinton is about the only person left in the Democratic party leadership who could believably run for President in 2016.  Joe Biden is a fool.  The C0ngressional leadership are snakes, showing signs of mental decay, or both.  The various Democratic governors are generally presiding over failing or failed states, and the most effective one (Cuomo) is going to be utterly unacceptable to Big Labor.  It’s Clinton or nobody – and while Barack Obama would happily throw Hillary Clinton under the bus in a heartbeat, there are some constraints placed on him by his own party.  Following the President’s lead blindly so far caused the Democrats to get eviscerated in 2009 and 2010: forget Congress, their loss of state legislatures across the country – just in time for redistricting! – quietly blighted many a promising career.  Surely the Democrats recognize that there must be a limit to how much damage an endangered, embattled, and execrable President may be allowed to do to his own party organization.

Mind you, I could be wrong about that.  Possibly the Democrats will allow Barack Obama to eat yet more of their seed corn.  Maybe they’ll let him lose 2016 while he’s losing 2012, too.  You can imagine how broken up I’ll be about that…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Even the apologists for the President recognize that Obama is responsible for this mess.  They won’t admit it, but they recognize it.  Oh, dear, did I just type that out?  How vulgar of me.


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