Looks like a Democratic Convention Narrative FAIL over on Memeorandum.

There are a bunch of ways to judge how a particular narrative is going in the media, and one of them is fairly simple: go take a look at Memeorandum. For those who don’t know it, it’s a cross-spectrum political news aggregation site: useful for finding what’s being talked about, and usually good for finding the original story that kicked over any particular anthill. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s not useless, either.


So this is what the site looked like, as of 9 AM 09/06/2012, top to bottom:

  • Bill Clinton’s speech. Notably absent: any suggestion at all that this was a game-changer for the Democrats.
  • The God/Jerusalem convention platform flap. Keywords: debacle, chaos, boo, nightmare.
  • US Secret Service investigating blackmail attempt involving Romney’s tax returns. …Yeah, that’s going to end well for Anonymous.
  • That Bob Woodword book that apparently makes Obama look like a guy with anger management issues.
  • New Kindles! Sorta.
  • Hillary Clinton telling the Democrats that they have nobody to run in 2016! Sorta.
  • Michelle Obama’s making up nonsense about having it tough! Sorta.
  • Mitt Romney wants Obama to get his minions to stop calling Republicans Nazis! …Not sorta, but it won’t happen.
  • Expect Obama to indirectly use more personal attacks! …See what I mean?
  • Lobbyists in Charlotte!
  • Paul Ryan didn’t run a marathon in three hours, or a five minute mile, or I don’t really care and neither do you because unemployment’s 8.3%.


Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb here and argue that yesterday was not a particularly good day for the Democratic party’s media team. They wanted the news to be about: how great the convention was; how great Elizabeth Warren is; how Sandra Fluke represents what’s great about the Democratic party; and just generally how things were going along just peachy for Team Jackass. Instead? …Well, the Democrat who got the best press yesterday was the one guy who we know will not be running for President again – apparently, not even by proxy. Everybody else got pretty much ignored, which is actually much worse than being yelled about.


Yeah, I know, you’re all broken up about that. So am I.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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