The Maryland (and other States) Primary Results Open Thread.

Maryland’s getting pride of place because it’s a) where I live and b) has actual, non-Presidential primaries tonight.  Presidential primary results here: Maryland’s state results are going to be… here, I guess.  Looks like (as of 8:30 PM) Romney won DC & MD; Dan Bongino is ahead in the MD-SEN nomination; and the may-not-recognize-her-luck Nancy Jacobs is ahead in the absolutely vital* MD-02 race.  Polls close at 9 PM in Wisconsin.


Open election thread.

*Look, I’ve been stuck dealing with either Steny Hoyer or Elijah Cummings as a representative since I moved to Maryland.  This is the first time I’ve lived in a Maryland district that merely has a single-digit Democratic PVI: people can let me have this.


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