A PSA for the failed #OccupyDC barn-builders.

Well… shed builders, at least. Seriously, that’s not even close to being a barn.

Moving along: as the link above notes, some of the people ‘occupying’ DC tried to put up a wooden structure today… and, apparently, was not able to get the blessed thing even half-done before the cops finally decided to put this exercise in sustained disdain for property rights out of its misery. As I understand it, before the end public urination was featured… which is how you know that it was an official Occupation, apparently. I swear, these people have absolutely no control over their bowels…


Anyway. What struck me about this particular bit of nonsense was in how long it took them to get their structure half-built. Far too long: according to their own agitprop they had eleven whole hours to do the assembly. They didn’t need eleven hours. They didn’t need one.

No, seriously. Watch.

Thirty-three minutes, from scratch, complete with paint job. Now, admittedly the Occupiers didn’t have a woodworking shop on the site – but guess what? They didn’t need one at the site. They just needed to have done the assembly and prep work ahead of time, put the structure together, taken it apart again, clearly labeled everything… then brought it to the site and had it up in half an hour. Because, you know, the guys in that video above could have done that without breaking a sweat.


But then, that’s why the guys in that video above are the ones who have actual jobs, while Occupiers are the ones who defecate on police cars.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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