QotD, Presidential Candidates Take Note edition.

The Polling Company did a survey of Iowa Republican voters for Independent Women’s Voice* to determine what those voters are looking for. Click the link for the actual numbers (although I will note that possibly the most eyebrow-raising one is that “[n]o GOP hopeful has locked up more than 9% of Iowa caucus-goers”), but here’s the executive summary:


At this point it’s impossible to predict who will top the field in Iowa come January. It’s clear, however, that Iowa Republican voters want a candidate to emerge who is committed to repealing ObamaCare, reforming financially unstable entitlement programs, and devolving Washington’s power. And they want that candidate to use Iowa’s presidential springboard to reach the White House and enact real change.

I will refrain from commentary on this, except to note that none of this is fundamentally beyond the reach of any of the current GOP candidates for President. They just have to want to reach for it.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Independent Women’s Voice is a 501(c)(4) affiliate of the 501(c)(3) Independent Women’s Forum. Generally small-government conservative, although their support of Scott Brown and Charles Djou in the last election cycle – and the lack of discussion of life issues on either site – should probably be taken as an indication of at least neutrality on abortion. Not formally endorsing any Presidential candidate this cycle, as far as I can tell. Loathes Obamacare, and everything associated with it.


I mention all of this because it’s important to know where groups are coming from.


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