President wishes to troll GOP debate.

The basic gist of this is as follows: President Barack Obama has requested – please note that word – that he be permitted to address Congress about jobs in a special joint session next Wednesday evening at 8 PM.  Unfortunately, the White House is apparently as self-aware about national events as is, say, a brain-damaged basset hound, because it unaccountably missed noticing that there was a major Republican debate scheduled for that date and time.  One being hosted by a major news network (NBC) and online news site (Politico).  Such an abject lack of intellectual curiosity about one’s surroundings – remember, it’s the White House itself which is claiming that they had not known about the conflict ahead of time – is perhaps not unexpected from this administration, but it’s certainly not what you would call seemly.  Or adult.  Indeed, calling it ‘adolescent’ defames teenagers.


Now, everybody here knows the truth – the White House is desperately trying to control the conversation about Obama’s performance to date, largely because if they don’t the conversation will be Barack Obama: Tedious Idiot, or Blithering Idiot? – but we’re expected to pretend otherwise.  I shall not: and before I go any further, let me just note that there’s a reason why we have a minimum age requirement for the Presidency.  It’s because the Founding Fathers wanted to keep children from running this country.


So, what is to be done about this?  A number of people want to let the President play his little game, reschedule the debate for later in the evening, and then have the GOP field savage whatever blitheringly idiotic pablum the President puts out.  I am not one of those people, for two reasons:

  1. If you reward bad behavior in a child, he or she repeats the bad behavior.  If the Democratic party can’t control the behavior of their politicians, it’s not up to the Republican party to enable that.
  2. More importantly, Barack Obama has no place in that debate.  We don’t need to hear what passes for ideas from that man: we’ve already seen them, for two years and counting.  They’re stupid ideas that don’t work and that make things worse so he can just shut up now and let adults from the other party discuss among themselves – and for the benefit Republican primary voters – how to make things better.  We’ll let the President know when he can start directly trying to justify his failure to us, thanks.  Free hint: it won’t be for a while.

So.  Speaker Boehner.  Take my advice – or this advice – and tell the President that you and the House of Representatives already have something to do that evening, but that he’s welcome to find a time that works for you. Perhaps Wednesday morning.  Perhaps even Tuesday, since this speech is so important for the President’s re-election campaign the country.  Perhaps just do the speech now and you will get the caucus together over the weekend to watch it while waiting for the charcoal to burn down for the steaks.  Or, maybe, just not bother to reply at all.  Out of pity.

And never mind what the media says about your decision.  They hate us all anyway.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: One wonders whether the disrespect shown here to the Reagan Library (and Mrs. Reagan) was premeditated, or merely serendipitous.  Either way, it is almost certainly being considered to be a bonus by the White House: the Left has never stopped hating Ronald Reagan.  They just don’t dare show it too publicly.


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