Crosshairs in the crosshairs.

Byron York is a very smart guy, and he’s done yeoman work in cataloging CNN’s horrible, horrible use of ‘crosshairs’ terminology in days gone past.  But I’d just like to hammer this point home: said use of the term by CNN did not cause the following groups…

  • PETA
  • People who don’t like MasterCard
  • Mystical nature spirits responsible for flooding conditions in California*
  • People who don’t like the suspects in a missing-person case
  • The FDA
  • An unnamed US military commander who doesn’t like an Afghan warlord
  • People who don’t like Obamacare
  • People who don’t like Michelle Bachmann

…to flip out and attack the object of their ire (which may or may not be a shame, in the case of the Afghan warlord).  Yet somehow Sarah Palin’s use of the imagery is dangerous.  I can only conclude that this implies that THAT WOMAN has strange and arcane mystical powers, which may be used to cloud the minds of the weak-willed.

In which case, I have a request: ma’am, could you make another quick video?  In it, look right into the camera and say “You will allow Obamacare an up-or-down vote in the Senate” while moving two fingers in a half-arc wave.  Who knows?  The Jedi Mind Trick might work over transmitted media; if not, she can always fly into Washington and use the Voice on them directly**.  Besides, what’s the harm in trying?


Moe Lane

*Yes, but if I’m expected to believe in national Democratic politicians with actual, working principles when examples of same are statistically nonexistent, I see no reason why these couldn’t exist, either.  Just as much evidence, really.

**Literary reference.  See crosspost.


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