Pass your own line-item veto, Axelrod.

Oh, Davey.  I know that it’s all mean and stuff that his man-god is going to have to run as a mere mortal in ’12, but that doesn’t excuse amateur tactics on David Axelrod’s part, right?  If he wants the line-item veto so badly in order to combat all that nasty pork that the President supposedly doesn’t want to approve, then Obama should dust off H.R.4890, have it resubmitted to the House, and tell the Senate to pass it this time.  The Democrats have huge majorities in Congress –


– at least, for the next two months –

…so they’d have plenty of time to get the bill passed.  They could do it in a week.  If they really wanted to; which they don’t, which is why they’re trying to foist this off on Republicans.  Of course, as Ed Morrissey notes, this is all really about how President Obama is panicking over the thought of us getting our hands on the budget that the Democrats were too gutless to pass in an election year.  Much better to get one last session at the trough before the grownups take charge in January.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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