As CO-07 goes, so does the nation?

That’s certainly the subtext of this Washington Post article on the district.  CO-07 is described as being an almost stereotypical suburban swing district (the article goes so far to describe it as being designed to be 50/50 in partisan breakdown); it currently has a two-term Democratic incumbent (Ed Perlmutter) and went 59% for Obama in the last election – thus making it representative of the Democratic wave of 2006-2008.  Today it’s being categorized as being representative of the receding of that wave; Perlmutter is vulnerable and facing an insurgent candidate in Ryan Frazier, and is actually (barely) behind Frazier in what polling exists.  Meanwhile, the article also notes that suburban districts nationally are breaking two-to-one in favor of Republican candidates in generic polling, which is probably making a lot of Democratic strategists frantic.


But probably not as much as the fact that it’s Ryan Frazier who’s looking like he’ll be beating Perlmutter.  Certainly the Washington Post (not to mention CBS in the link above) did their level best to avoid bringing up what may be the most inconvenient-to-Democrats* detail about the man…

Moe Lane

PS: Ryan Frazier for CO-07.

*Ever notice that Democrats absolutely hate putting up viable African-American candidates in majority-white districts?  Funny how that works out, huh?  Anyway, couple that with the natural tendency towards incumbency in gerrymandered districts and it’s no wonder why minority advancement in the Democratic party hierarchy is so bloody slow.  There’s just not enough available slots for the able person of color over there, really…

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