QotD, 'Hey Rube!' Edition.

Glenn Reynolds, on watching yet another babbling leftist idiot* snap out of it and realize that he was fed antiwar porn by the current administration:

This keeps happening. Ah, but remember when you now-disappointed Obama supporters were lecturing us about the fierce moral urgency of change? With such overweening self-righteousness? Even as you resolutely failed to look at what was going on, or to inquire into what Obama was actually like? So pardon me, now-disappointed Obama voters, if I point out that you’re rubes. Again, and again.



Indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed.

Moe Lane

PS: We had the natsec limitations of this guy pegged before the election, by the way.  It’s just that his worshipers didn’t want to listen.

*Said idiot believes that Gitmo is the Ninth Bolgia of Hell, that waterboarding is torture, and that 9/11 is an appropriate day to essentially accuse the American people for being racists because they don’t like the idea of the Ground Zero Mosque; please keep this is mind when reading the article.

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