QotD, Savor the Irony Edition.

This is from Thursday’s WaPo, and it’s part of an article about how liberals feel apathetic and disinterested and vaguely dismayed about how everything’s turned to excrement since… err, January 2009*. WHICH IS OF COURSE A COINCIDENCE. And you’re a racist to even suggest otherwise, of course.


Still, it’s apparently not salad days for progressives:

[Michael] Kazin, like many other liberal activists who once shared that view, says he may have been too optimistic. As conservatives, led by talk show host Glenn Beck, prepare for a rally in Washington on Saturday – another sign of the increased activism on the right since Obama’s election – some liberals say the energy of the campaign on their side has dissipated and is not matching the energy and passion “tea party” activists have captured on the right.

In an interview, Kazin said, “I was a bit optimistic in the glow of victory,” adding that “the campaign had the aura of a movement, but in the light of day it was not a movement.”

I say ‘savor the irony’ because Kazin approached the truth, but didn’t quite reach it. Indeed, the Obama Presidential campaign was not a movement; it was a personality cult. And the irony lies in the fact that it’s my experience that people like Kazin are precisely the sort of people who like to angrily and vehemently rail against so-called ‘personality cults’ on the Right.  That they should have spent less time railing against the mote in their enemies’ eyes and instead spent more time dealing the beam in their own eyes never seems to occur to them.


Yes, it’s a Biblical reference.  I’m getting tired of catering to liberal religious bigotry by pretending that this culture isn’t steeped in a religious tradition that’s over three thousand years old.

Moe Lane

PS: Let me push back on one lie-progressives-tell-themselves, because it showed up in this article: there was no ‘bipartisanship’ practiced during the 111th Congress – unless, of course, you describe ‘bipartisanship’ as ‘stop struggling.’  This self-evident truth was established in January 2009, when the message presented to the Republican party in response to our concerns was “I won;”  and it never got any better.

Ah, the hubris of power.  Particularly when it comes to the karmic backlash.

*I would say ‘January 2007,’ but then I’m evil incarnate to these people anyway.

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