South Carolina Results.

First off: Haley and Barrett will face each other in a runoff. Given that Nikki came within a fraction of winning this outright and got twice Gresham’s votes, I think that maybe the Congressman should think about whether he wants to continue.


Over on the Lt. Gov side: I’m tentatively going to say that it will be Ard and Connor in the runoff. I don’t think that Richter is going to find another 10K votes. Don’t attack a man’s combat record next time, Sparky.

On the House side: in SC-01, Tim Scott for sure, second to be determined; and in SC-04 incumbent Bob Ingl[i]s came in an embarrassing second place to Trey Gowdy, although they’ll be having a runoff there, too. And maybe Ingles should be thinking about this as well.


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