Gov. Granholm (D, MI) called to call out the National Guard.

Amusing Internet fact: once upon a time, many members of the Online Left was actually despondent that the Constitution forbid Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm from running for President (she isn’t a born citizen*).  This would be before the breakdown of… well, show me a part of Michigan that hasn’t broken down by now.  Latest example comes from the city of Flint (via theblogprof):


Shootings have become so widespread in the city that two former state representatives are talking about calling in the National Guard to help calm violence on Flint’s streets.

Former state representative Vera Rison said Tuesday that help is needed immediately, and during a meeting of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners today, Brenda Clack quizzed Sheriff Robert Pickell about the potential for getting help from guardsmen as well.

I’m as small-government as the next person, but I sometimes wonder whether it’d be cost-effective to have a permanent fund much like the EPA’s Superfund – only this one would be dedicated to cleaning up areas where the Democratic party has thoroughly mucked up proper governance through too long a period of one-party rule.  Yeah, I know: it’d have to be a really, really big fund.  It might be still worth it; there’s something disturbing about having situations where people legitimately think that the only way to restore order is to bring in the military.  This is America: stuff like that is supposed to only happen in other countries.


Moe Lane

*Don’t laugh too hard; many members of the Online Right felt the same way about California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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