The staggering *genius* that is the Democratic OH-SEN primary race.

So… how long before this gets ‘clarified?’

Brunner says she won’t campaign for Fisher if she loses Tuesday

…Actually, you don’t really need anything past the title, except of course that Jennifer Brunner is the (Democratic-Netroot) Secretary of State for Ohio, Lee Fisher is the (Democratic-Establishment) Lt. Governor of Ohio, and both of them are currently competing for the right to lose to Republican Rob Portman in Ohio’s Senate race.  No doubt Brunner will soon enough have enough family pets threatened* to get her back on the campaign trail for Fisher; but the damage has, as they say, been done.  I don’t normally bother with primary victory/concession speeches, but this particular matched set might be worth mining…


(H/T: The Other McCain)

Moe Lane

*Well, it’s Ohio, not Illinois or New York.  Threatening family members is considered, ah, uncouth.

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