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Hello RedStaters, and Thank God It’s Friday!  May you be blessed by our Lord today and always, and see the evidence of his love for you on display as you are open…


Grace to You

Tuesday last week in my church “small group” another guest mentioned that there was an interesting video where Ben Shapiro hosted John MacArthur.  I often listen to John MacArthur in the morning on my way to work on his “Grace to You” radio program, and have caught various Ben Shapiro videos over time.  I enjoy both of them, so made time and watched it Wednesday:

Then my wife watched and I listened on Thursday as I drove the LONG trek south to San Diego.  After that and a few more videos with John MacArthur, she asked where he is from, and I told her somewhere in LA.  She got busy on the phone, found Grace Community Church, and checked service times.  “Hey, we can catch the service on the way back up Sunday”.  And we did, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Everybody was very welcoming (I find it awesome how fellow believers feel like family even before I know them), and we were encouraged to check out their welcome center after the service – even after I told them we have a home church up north and are just passing through.  So as a reward for our stop we got this great message in person from a strong biblical teacher, a chance to meet many extremely nice people, a tour of a beautiful (not ostentatious, just comfortable and welcoming) campus, and a free book “Good News”.  So glad we stopped!


And if you love coming across good biblical churches in your travels, here is the message that that I missed at my home church Doxa while on the road and made up this week.  Maybe someday you might come by here in person…

A10 vs Tank

The A10 ROCKS.  This is indisputable.  Anything aviation is good.  Making things is awesome.  Put them all together and you get:

Check your Privilege Car/Truck Exterior Lights

Driving home this week I came up on an SUV with no lights in the back at all.  Headlights were on, but nothing in the back.  Make a habit of checking your car lights regularly with a friend, testing running/parking lights, turn signals (from front/rear), backup lights, tail lights.  You may find the reason that other drivers don’t seem to care about your turn signals, or better yet, find the problem that is going to make you invisible from the rear in fog/night.

As always, the Water Cooler is an Open Thread

God bless,





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