Biden's Take on His Debate Performance Is Nuts, but CNN's Snap Poll Offers Harsh Reality Check

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That debate between former and likely future President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was an unmitigated disaster for Biden. 

It was so bad no media was even defending him, which says a lot. They know he got demolished, and they can't even pretend. It may be the worst public performance Biden has ever given and that's among a host of true horror shows. 


I was thinking this might happen: They'd try to so prepare him in the lead-up to the debate that they would overload him and he just wouldn't be able to handle it, and I think that's what happened. A CNN comment raised more questions about if he had the questions. But even if he did, it didn't help. 

You wouldn't know that if you listened to Jill Biden afterward, who was talking to Joe about how well he did, as though he were a three-year-old child. She even had to help him off the stage to get the two steps down. That was pretty scary. 

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But how clueless is Biden about the disaster? 

When they asked Biden how he did when he stopped at a Waffle House, he responded that he thought he did well. 

He seriously thinks that. That shows exactly why he should be voted out — anyone with that little judgment is a danger to the office and the country. Check out the lady in the jean jacket looking at him like he has three heads when he says that. She knows better. 

Even the CNN snap poll just demolished Biden as well.


A "resounding" 67 percent say that Donald Trump won, and 33 percent said Biden. That's just dominant. There wasn't even a question. 

The real question here is what were the 33 percent smoking because anyone thinking Biden won is delusional. Were they even watching? Thirty-three percent are apparently Democrats who don't care about reality. 

Going into the debate, the group of debate watchers thought that Trump would win 55 percent to 45 percent. But the after numbers show how much that assessment changed after they saw Biden implode. 

And that's a CNN poll. It's going to be worse for Biden in the general public. We'll have to see what other polls say, but I think that Biden likely just lost the election there on that CNN stage, assuming he even stays in the race and isn't yanked out of there. Expect the talk of replacing him to grow into a torrent. I wouldn't bet that we're going to have another debate in September after this mess for Biden. 



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