Even the Loyal Late-Night Hosts Are Turning on Democrats Over Gas Stoves

("The Late Show" YouTube video: "Puppetry In The First Degree")

Late-night shows used to be a time to unwind and get in some good-natured humor before bed, but now it’s become a soapbox for “comedians” to preach the Democrat Party’s gospel. Gone is the actual laugh-inducing comedy that the world united around; here is the try-hard humor of a leftist propaganda platform, set to the laughter of a live studio audience.


This has made it notable when one of two things happens. One is when an actual moment of comedy occurs, and the other is when the host rebels against the Democrat Party’s narrative.

Probably the most obedient of the late-night lapdogs is Stephen Colbert. No matter what the left says, Colbert is there to back them up. However, it seems Democrats found the late-night host’s line with gas stoves.

Colbert quoted the recent “study” that said gas stoves release harmful toxins and cause respiratory problems.

“OK, that’s not great,” said Colbert, “but counterpoint: gas stoves are also linked to delicious pan-seared scallops.”

“As a result, the government is considering banning gas stoves,” he continued. “F— you! I will see you in hell. You can have my gas range when you pry it from my hot, sizzling hams!”

Colbert said that the government has no plans to change the rules due to (his) backlash and anger, but mocked the idea of electric stoves being safer.

“But the Nervous Nellies over at Consumer Reports are urging homeowners to consider going electric. Why? Because electric stoves are so safe?” he said.

“Kids, I don’t want you inhaling particulate matter, so I bought us something that goes from room temperature to the surface of the sun with nothing in between, and when you turn it off, it stays hot for hours,” Colbert joked. “Is it on right now? Only one way to find out. Jimmy, put a plate on there and see if it explodes in your face.”


Similarly, on Thursday, Jimmy Fallon also mocked the gas stove controversy being an issue for the White House, while the FAA had people grounded at airports for hours. He added that Biden said you can keep your gas stove, but you must use an N95 mask while you use it.

If an issue is so stupid that loyal “comedians” are mocking Democrats for it, then maybe it’s not the hill to die on. Regardless, Democrats are loyally dying on it.

You can take the animal out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the animal.


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