KJP Goes Full Metal Biden, Butchers Marjorie Taylor Greene's Name and Lies About GOP Debt Ceiling Plan

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I don’t want to suggest that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has the reading ability of an average grade-schooler, but on Wednesday, she did have a helluva time trying to pronounce “Marjorie,” as in Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. She finally settled on “MaJORy.”


Why does it matter? It doesn’t. Or, make that wouldn’t matter — if Jean-Pierre hadn’t demonstrated since her first day on the job that she is woefully over her head. Add in her shameless silly lies on a daily basis, which she reads from her handy-dandy binder written by her handlers, and KJP makes former White House press secretary Jen Psaki look like a Rhodes Scholar.

At issue for KJP was the House Republican debt ceiling package.

As reported by my colleague Joe Cunningham on Thursday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that he will not vote to raise the debt limit without corresponding cutsleaving some Senate Republicans optimistic that a bipartisan deal to reduce federal spending could actually happen.

OK, everybody, now! Don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, in addition to KJP’s momentary case of Bidenitis, she trotted out the typical Democrat schtick about cutting benefits for veterans, although the Dems’ favorite canard is their year-in, year-out lie that evil Republicans want to eliminate or reduce Social Security benefits for seniors.

Will [Republicans] vote to kill manufacturing jobs in their own home districts and reverse the reshoring of manufacturing from China? Will they vote to cut benefits for veterans in their own districts?

Will Congresswoman Majority … MaJORy Taylor Greene vote to eliminate the investments helping to create 2,500 solar manufacturing jobs in her district?


“Reshoring.” How cute. Particularly given Joe Biden’s never-ending kowtowing to Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

Biden being Biden, which includes spending taxpayer money and increasing the national debt like a drunken sailor, the inept president slammed McCarthy’s proposal on Wednesday, declaring:

MAGA Republicans in Congress are threatening to default on the national debt, the debt that took 230 years to accumulate overall, unless we do what they say. They say they’re going to default unless I agree to all these wacko notions they have. Default. We’d be worse than totally irresponsible.

How do I put this, tactfully? What a complete and utter crock of crap that was.

Biden “forgot” to mention that his insane $6.9 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2024 will be DOA in the Republican-majority House and that even a growing number of Democrats are strongly opposed to the monstrosity.

Democrats other than clueless Biden know damn well that their reckless spending habits are far more irresponsible and a graver threat to the financial stability of the United States than McCarthy’s compromise proposal. Then again, we must remember that when Democrats talk (and Biden reads scripts written by his left-wing puppeteers), they’re solely playing to low-information, rank-and-file Democrat voters, vs. honest, rationally thinking, reasonably intelligent voters.


And Karine Jean-Pierre? Let’s just say it’s highly doubtful she’s a card-carrying member of Mensa.

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