Poll: Majority of Americans Accuse Churches of Abandoning Basic Tenets of Christianity

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Question: Have you noticed over the last several years or longer how the more the left attacks the basic tenets of Christianity, the more some Christian churches seemingly rush to abandon or water down fundamental Christian doctrine in an attempt to placate the “Christian left”? Yeah—me, too.


So, how’s that twisted symbiotic relationship working out?

According to a recent Rassmussen poll, a majority of respondents believe America is losing “that old-time religion.” While more than 75 percent of online poll respondents said religious faith is important in their daily lives, adults who attend services at least weekly are most likely to strongly agree that too many religious institutions today are watering down or abandoning their traditional beliefs.

That view is shared by 52 percent of evangelical Christians, as well as 34 percent of Catholics, 30 percent of Protestants, and 41 percent of Jews, Rasmussen found. Is it any wonder? Consider the following:

Pro-Abortion Churches in Texas Fight Fetal Heartbeat Law, Vow to ‘Take God Back’ From Religious Right

The churches, which refer to themselves as “Reproductive Freedom Congregations” [how “clever”] are united in their public support of a woman’s “right” to an abortion and are determined to “take God back” from the religious right.

God was unavailable for comment, although sources suggest He might weigh in, later.

I’ll just leave this here:

No Biggie: Just a Church Hosting Drag Queen Prayer Time for Children

This is everybody’s first time they’ve ever seen a drag queen? Well, hello. I am also a boy most of the time when I’m here, but today I [tosses hair] am beautiful today.


Any questions?

Speaking of just leaving this here, here ya go:

Pastor of Liberal Church Gets Fired After She Takes Christian Conference Attendees to Buy Toys – at a Sex Shop

Yup. A “progressive” Manhattan church fired its first female senior minister after receiving complaints she took fellow ministers on a sex toy shopping spree and gifted one of them an unwanted vibrator, according to reports. Perhaps the minister misread the depth of the church’s degree of “progressiveness,” or, more than likely, she was fired because her sexcapade made the news.

Examples of churches intentionally running off the Christian doctrinal rails now make the news, regularly. The question is why? As I suggested at the top, it’s “almost” like the more churches — and Christianity itself — are attacked by the radical left, the more radical some churches become.

Moreover, top Democrat political figures — like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi — trot out their “devout Catholic” faith and “very Catholic person” shtick when convenient, but when Biden refers to on-demand abortion as an “essential healthcare service,” and Pelosi describes on-demand third-trimester abortion as “sacred ground,” what’s a good “progressive” Christian to think?


The Bottom Line

As is the case with all of us, it’s not my place to judge the intention of the “religious left.” That said, a book by the author Lucas Miles — The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church — drives home the reality:

The Christian Left unveils how liberal thought has entered America’s sanctuaries, exchanging the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the trinity of diversity, acceptance, and social justice.

“Acceptance,” of course, increasingly excludes the basic tenets of Christianity.

I think I’ll just leave it there — for now.

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