No Biggie: Just a Church Hosting Drag Queen Prayer Time for Children

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I’m not in a position to determine what’s blasphemous and what’s not, but if I was? St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square in the Chicago area would be my huckleberry. (Yes, huckleberry, re: “Tombstone.”)


Today, at least — you never know what coming down the blasphemous pike next.

As RedState has reported in the past, Drag Queen Story Hour (as in the image, above) in schools and elsewhere has been a “thing” for several years. As is the case with all things on the left, you give leftists an inch and they’ll do their “progressive” to take a mile. At least.

So should it come as a surprise that a “progressive” church would host a Drag Queen Prayer Time for Children? Nope. It just happened. If you’re shocked you haven’t been paying attention.

After a man dressed up as a woman and preached the sermon at the aforementioned church last Sunday, he then called the children to the front where he led them in prayer — and showed them pictures from a book he used for his “lesson.”

In a  post to its Facebook page, St. Luke’s called the event “a dress rehearsal for joy,” where “Seminarian Aaron Musser preaches in drag, inviting us to reflect on a joy that overflows so abundantly, it can’t help but make itself known.”

Today, we consider what it might be like to have a dress rehearsal for the kind of joy awaiting us on the other side of Advent. It’s been so hard to know what that joy will be, because it’s been so long since some of us have been joyful. It’s been a difficult and tiring couple of years.

And I decided instead of telling you, ‘this is how I want you to be joyful,’ as we prepare for this dress rehearsal, I figured I would instead put on a dress as so many who have inspired me have done. I decided to follow their example, showing that liberation from oppressive laws clears a path for joy.

But allowing yourself to feel joy can be scary. I wasn’t sure how the outside world would handle me when they saw me this morning. Joy is difficult to feel, it’s vulnerable. But isn’t it so beautiful?”


As I was writing I couldn’t help thinking about the difference between praying with the children and for the children, in this case. Again, not my place to judge, but…

Yup, purposely designed — and marketed — to expose young children to a world most of them had never seen, let alone express a desire to see. Worse, to make that world (pick one or more): not a shock, acceptable, interesting, seem normal, desirable — to little kids by imposing it on them at church, in the House of God. One more time, not my call. I report, you decide.

After reading a gospel passage and telling the congregation “You may be seated,” Musser said “I’d like to invite any children who would like to see a picture book that I will be showing on the iPad, here, to come and sit around him.

I have a question first, though. Have you ever seen a drag queen? No? This is everybody’s first time they’ve ever seen a drag queen? Well, hello. I am also a boy, most of the time I’m here, but today — I am beautiful today.

Aaand then the story and pictures.


Can’t you just see a little boy or girl after that? “Mommy, can you explain that ‘drag queen’ thing to me, one more time?”

Switching gears — but ever so slightly. As I’ve said in the past and will say in the future, The (Christian-based) Babylon Bee is, IMHO, the best satire site in the known universe. I offer up the following as proof.

Six months ago The Bee posted this “article”:

Progressive Church Announces New Drag Queen Bible Story Hour

Note: It usually goes: Life —> Satire, not: Satire —> Life. Uncanny? Not really.

Other than The Bee’s uncanny habit of keeping its finger on the pulse of the left-wing insanity that surrounds us to the point that Bee satire beats reality to that insanity on a somewhat regular basis.


PORTLAND, OR—Local progressive church Sojourners Faith Collective just announced an exciting new “drag queen Bible story hour” which will be held every Sunday at 10 a.m. in place of normal worship.


“I can’t believe it took us so long to come up with this idea,” said Pastor Jenna Turnpike (they/them). “My partner Rick has been a drag queen ever since I can remember. And his Bible expertise is out of this world! He’s definitely going to be our main girl.”

Since announcing the new program this morning, Sojourners has already seen a 300% increase in membership.

Most newcomers are members of the LGBTQ community, but some are parents who want to teach their kids the importance of faith and how confusion is just a part of the journey. [Emphasis, mine.]


As I said, you make the call.

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