Buttigieg's Hubby Throws Snit Fit Over Protest Against Bud Light's Ill-Advised Dylan Mulvaney Alliance

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Before we get started on this ridiculousness, just one observation: Joe Biden’s woefully inept Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was elected to zero on the national stage by the American people. That said, why does the opinion of his husband Chasten Buttigieg about anything matter on the national stage?


There. That short vent may or may not have been logical, but, hey — I got it off my chest.

Anyway, Chasten Buttigieg launched a silly snit fit against the growing protest over Anheuser-Busch’s ill-advised Bud Light alliance with the transgender hood ornament of the moment, Dylan Mulvaney. Chasten is not new to the snit-fit business, mind you, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Despite a wave of boycotts, Anheuser-Busch has yet to back down from its ill-advised decision to hire a man who thinks he’s a girl to promote its biggest seller. This did not set well with Pete Buttigieg’s husband of five years, who took to Twitter over the weekend to principally defend the Bud Light decision — but in a silly-ass way:

If you’re upset about a beer company supporting civil rights, you might want to start bottling your tears. LGBTQ people drink water, too. Gonna boycott that next?

Memo to Chasten: No tears, Bud (pun intended). The outrage you see comes from actual women as well.

One actual woman who recently spoke out against the Mulvaney fiasco was former Fox News personality, Jedediah Bila — on behalf of other actual women — in response to Mulvaney’s deal with super-woke Nike:

Dylan Mulvaney is creating a caricature of what it means to be a woman. Women do not behave like this. This is insulting to actual women. I wouldn’t give Nike a dime of my money.


The video is hideous in its cartoonish caricature of actual women.

Setting aside Buttigieg’s silly “bottling your tears” nonsense, which of Mulvaney’s civil rights, exactly, are being supported by Anheuser-Busch? Zero. 

As one Twitterer correctly suggested, cosplay is not “civil rights.”

Besides, no one is preventing Mulvaney from cosplaying to his heart’s content. On the contrary, Americans protesting against virtually anything they choose is exactly a civil right, Mr. Buttigieg 2.0 — as the apparent lawyer below pointed out.

Please explain which civil right is implicated in this photo. I must have missed that day of law school.


As I suggested, earlier, Chasten Buttigieg is no stranger to the promotion of the LGBTQ… (et al.) movement — including among children. A video resurfaced in March 2022 of Buttigieg leading a group of kids in a pledge of allegiance to the rainbow flag at an Iowa Safe Schools’ Pride Camp in 2019:


I pledge my heart to the rainbow of the not-so-typical gay camp. One camp, full of pride, indivisible, with affirmation and equal rights for all.

“What fresh hell is this” indeed.

Again, the problem, here, is not about equal rights or civil rights; it’s about pushing a lifestyle on young kids — many of whom become confused as hell (see: drag queen story hour), while some boys decide they’re girls and girls decide they’re boys, which raises the question: Would the insanity be growing without promotion by adults?

Speaking of drag queen story hour, the problem isn’t why young impressionable children might be curiously attracted to drag queens — it’s why drag queens are attracted to young children.

Meanwhile, Chasten Buttigieg, this Bud Light’s for you.

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