Trans Activists Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh Discuss 'Girlhood' and Reveal Their Misogyny

Trans activists Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh. CREDIT: Screenshot

Years ago, when leftists started pushing for gender-neutral toy aisles and gender-neutral children’s clothing (seems so quaint compared to the times we live in, doesn’t it?), I observed that the people pushing these things were actually reinforcing the very gender stereotypes they claimed they wanted to do away with. We’re now seeing the natural progression of that thinking in the words of transgender activists like Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh, who push their own narrow and stereotypical view of what being a girl or a woman entails then take it even further by demanding that they be treated as women and taking women’s jobs.


In a recent video in which the two of them appeared together, Marsh talked about the “girls club” that only certain “girls” are allowed into, and asked who’s the one doing the allowing.

First, Mulvaney asserts:

Girlhood becomes stronger when there are more of us behind it and experiencing it.

Pardon me, Dylan, but you are part of a movement that sterilizes girls, who then cannot create more girls. Also, it’s pretty condescending that you believe girls (why are you not talking about womanhood? a bridge too far?) need a man to pretend he’s a girl to strengthen girlhood.

Oh, and “girlhood” becomes stronger when there are more “of us” experiencing it? Precisely how are trans “women” experiencing girlhood or womanhood? Hate to break it to you, but experiencing womanhood isn’t about shopping for a spring bag or wearing heels or doing your hair and makeup. Those are actually the fun parts. Let’s hook you up to a bag of pitocin and for about 12 hours and have you push an 8 or 9 pound baby out, without anesthesia. Let’s have you experience all of the joys of pregnancy prior to that. Let’s have you experience what it feels like for your milk to come in. Let’s have you experience the searing pain on your nipple and agonizing uterine cramps when your baby latches on for the first time, and see if you can experience that without flinching because you love that baby and want it to have nutrition even if it does cause you immense pain.


Marsh then chimes in with the question:

Only certain people are allowed in, but who’s allowing? That’s the real question.

Whether his position is caused by malignant misogyny or simple mental illness I’m not sure, but this girl has the answer. Dylan and Jeffrey, people who are born with XX chromosomes are allowed to join the club. That’s it. No, you are not allowed in – especially if you demand it.

Mulvaney asks Marsh if he feels a connection to girlhood. Of course he does!

I find girlhood to be inspiring. There are a lot of human beings who are girls, who transcend what their gender is supposed to be. And that, to me, is something I draw strength from and inspiration from.

What are we supposed to be, Jeffrey? Are there limits on “girlhood”? Are you reverting to an old view of what females are supposed to do? Real girls, real women, real feminists, believe that women and men are biologically different and that because of those biological differences we have special gifts that we use to build families and society. We don’t put limits on how we use those gifts or what we’re “supposed” to do. Why are you?

The two go on to pat themselves on the back for supposedly making it okay for women to be imperfect because they show things like their “stubble” or big feet.


Their discussion is disgusting, equating Mulvaney’s “stubble” to body imperfections that women stress about.

..showing a side of myself that’s “imperfect” whether it’s my stubble or it’s my chest hair or it’s having a bigger foot than a normal girl…

We’re seeing the vulnerabilities being celebrated, the imperfections be celebrated…

The “vulnerabilities” and “imperfections” in women’s bodies were celebrated before you two were around, thank you very much, through numerous ad campaigns. We didn’t need you.

Marsh then makes the most jaw-dropping statement in a video full of them.

I think some people are afraid. They want to seem perfect. They want to make sense to cis people. Because sometimes when cis people are confused, they can be violent.

Excuse me? We’re in the midst of a number of shootings perpetrated by transgender people, and just a few days ago a woman (Riley Gaines) who’d been forced to undress in front of a man competing on her college swim team was violently assaulted for speaking out against that. Violence from confused “cis” people?


Is this you, Jeffrey?

In this chilling video, Marsh says:

Let me tell you something about LGBTQ rights, about trans rights. This is only going in one direction. You will respect us. You can be upset. You can be angry. You can think it’s unfair. You can feel like we’re stealing something from you. But it’s still only going in one direction. You will respect us.

I would say “Or what,” but I think we all already know the answer to that. Still, I’m done coddling these mentally ill bullies. Trans women are not women.

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