McCarthy Hilariously Offers 'Soft Food' Lunch to 80-Year-Old Biden in Exchange for Debt Ceiling Talks

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So, what do you call it when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gets so frustrated with President Joe Biden‘s apparent refusal to accept his request to negotiate the nation’s debt ceiling that the Speaker offers to bring the 80-year-old, mental acuity-declining president a “soft food” lunch if that’ll do the trick? Nicely played.


As reported by the Washington Examiner, McCarthy has been pressing Biden for a second meeting to attempt to negotiate a compromise on the Democrats’ debt ceiling crisis, marking the first substantive action related to the debt limit since the leaders of their respective parties entered into a stalemate earlier this year.

McCarthy fired off a letter to  Biden on Tuesday, urging the White House to schedule a meeting by the end of this week, and accusing the inept president of further putting the economy “in jeopardy” by refusing to negotiate.

Mr. President:

I’m incredibly concerned you are putting an already fragile economy in jeopardy by insisting upon your extreme position on the debt limit. It’s time to drop partisanship, roll up our sleeves, & find common ground on this urgent challenge.

Ah, “common ground.” Remember those days of yore? [sarc]

McCarthy wrote:

Nearly two months ago, you and I sat down to discuss a path forward on the debt limit. Since that time, however, you and your team have been completely missing in action on any meaningful follow-up to this rapidly approaching deadline,” McCarthy wrote. “With each passing day, I am incredibly concerned that you are putting an already fragile economy in jeopardy by insisting upon your extreme position of refusing to negotiate any meaningful changes to out-of-control government spending alongside an increase of the debt limit.


Among the issues McCarthy is interested in talking with Biden about are non-defense government spending, unspent (and misspent) COVID-19 funds, and lower energy costs — and Biden’s “reckless spending” is at the top:

Taken together, such policies would help address the number one issue facing Americans today: stubbornly high inflation brought on by reckless government spending. Mr. President, simply put: you are on the clock. It’s time to drop the partisanship, roll up our sleeves, and find common ground on this urgent challenge.

Kudos to the Speaker for telling it like it is, but there’s no way in hell that the clueless puppet in the White House, who continues to spend taxpayer money on “progressive” social experiments and pretend-anthropomorphic “climate change” like a drunken sailor, has zero interest in backing off his disastrous economic and fiscal policies.

Lyin’ Biden has repeatedly said he’d meet with the Speaker for talks — but not until House Republicans release their proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

Listen, with Biden’s approval rating at or near the low of his presidency, the only thing he seems concerned about is lying about Republicans. Most recently, he had the absurd audacity to warn that the GOP would cut border funding — no, really — in a comedy-gold tweet:

MAGA House Republican proposals would slash funding for border security – a move that could allow nearly 900 pounds of fentanyl into our country. We need more resources to secure the border. Not less.


Again, comedy gold.

We all know that incoherent Biden can’t find his way off a stage, half the time and that he clearly doesn’t write this drivel, himself, but if it’s got “your” name on it, you own it.

Besides, Democrats spew lies like they’re going out of style — they have for more than 60 years — solely for the consumption of low-information rank-and-file Democrat voters.

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