Democrats Anxiously Attempt to Mollify Critics of 'Albatross' Kamala Harris Ahead of 2024 Campaign

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What to do about Kamala?

That’s the question for anxious Democrats already worried silly about ever-less lucid Joe Biden, who will turn 83 during the first year of the next presidential term. If Biden does seek re-election, which now appears certain barring an unforeseen turn of events, it looks like Cackling Kamala™ will again be at his side.


So with the stage likely set, Democrat movers and shakers are eager to mollify the legions of critics of the Word Salad Queen, hoping — perhaps against hope — that while there’s little Harris can do to bolster Biden’s 2024 chances, they sure as hell don’t want her to burn them to the ground.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the worry will only worsen if the Republican nominee is someone other than former President Donald Trump, particularly as the case for a generational shift gains steam. One swing state Democratic Party chairperson told the Examiner:

We know they’re not going to nominate Trump; age is going to be a real thing. Given the opportunity for [Biden] to go out on top or get taken apart by somebody 30 years younger, I don’t want to see it happen to a guy that I respect as much as I do.

On the other side of the Democrat coin, Donna Brazile, a longtime Democratic strategist who was Al Gore’s campaign manager when he ran for president after serving as vice president, argues that critics continue to hold Harris to unreasonable standards. Brazile, who’s also black, claimed Harris has “more experience in elected office than several past presidents and vice presidents.” Uh-huh, but what kind of experience, Donna?

Brazile was among a group of Democrat strategists who met less than a year after Biden and Harris took office to discuss how to defend her from a torrent of unflattering headlines.


Memo to Donna Brazile — and other apologists for Kamala Harris:

You can carp and whine all day about the “unfair” treatment of Harris, but perception matters. From her infamous meaningless word salads to sudden uncontrollable cackling, Kamala Harris is perceived as an airhead. Moreover, only Kamala Harris can change that image  (she won’t) — and no amount of guilt-tripping America to respect, or even like Harris is going to move the needle in a positive direction.

Citing Harris’s poll numbers, one state party chair described the vice president as “an albatross” in the upcoming race but conceded there appear to be no alternatives, and that the party is better off embracing her.

She’s either going to be a liability or a help. And you better embrace her because it’s not like she’s going to be off the ticket.

Embracing Kamala. Tough job, indeed. Consider the following recent RedState fair:

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Listen, Joe Biden might be an acuity-challenged serial liar, but Kamala Harris is in a league of her own.

Here’s more, via the Washington Examiner:


The tensions swept into public in recent weeks after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Loon D-Mass.) withheld a full endorsement when asked whether Harris should remain Biden’s 2024 running mate. While the Massachusetts senator later clarified her remarks, the incident hinted at uncertainties coursing through the party over the identity of Biden’s successor.

Twice Warren phoned Harris to apologize but was unable to reach her. Instead, the vice president’s chief of staff, Lorraine Voles, reportedly returned the call.

So what does Harris think about all of the concern and consternation of her place as vice president? She has consistently dismissed all criticism as “political chatter.”

I think that it is very important to focus on the needs of the American people and not political chatter out of Washington, D.C.

Oh, honey — it’s far more widespread than simply just “out of Washington, D.C.”

A recent FiveThirtyEight poll showed the vice president’s approval at 41.9 percent, and disapproval at 49.5 percent.

And the latest Los Angeles Times tracking of national polls showed 40 percent of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris, while 53 percent had an unfavorable opinion of Madam Vice President.

Thing is? I’ll bet you a dollar that untold numbers of Democrats queried by the above polls and similar others cross their fingers when lying about the “great job” Harris is doing.


Why, even the geniuses of “The View” on Monday went into a wild race-charged defense of Harris, but when pressed to list the veep’s accomplishments, they stammered and stuttered before deflecting to shrieking about former Vice President Mike Pence and his accomplishments.

The Bottom Line

Kamala Harris is a perfect example of choosing a political figure based primarily on gender and skin color, vs. past accomplishments and ability to help a presidential nominee — including if the nominee goes on to win the presidency.

If that’s a “racist” observation, so be it; Harris was chosen based first on race and gender and to claim otherwise simply doesn’t hold water, given her spectacular failure as vice president of the United States.



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